Sharing Your Quizzes




Why Share?

So many schools are dependant solely on teacher made quizzes now. And there are literally millions of them out there at tens of thousands of schools. Combining them into one, easy to access database for sharing is our goal. Whether you share quizzes you, or someone at your school, have written or quizzes you have collected from elsewhere, please contribute them. We'll sort out the duplicate quizzes on our end.

IMPORTANT: The correct answers must be marked with asterisks OR they must be the first answer. Send the answer key if that is not the case.  

Most Popular Reading Program TM Quizzes

One at a time (all versions):  You must have a PDF "Printer" installed.  Click Here.
Now you must temporarily make the "PDF Printer" your default printer (program will not ask you which printer to "print" to). In Windows, choose Settings/Printers from the menu, then right click the "PDF Printer" and select it as Default. When you have "printed" your quizzes, go back and select your real printer as default again.

In your program's Management program, choose the TM quiz you want to share.

Choose to “Edit” it. Now “Print.” Select your CutePDF Printer from the list instead of your usual printer. Save with the name of the quiz to  your desktop.

Other: If you have quizzes that are not currently loaded in your program, please send a sample first so we can let you know if that format will work. If your quizzes are hard copy we can explain how to use Word to create electronic versions you can send to us.

RC TM Quizzes

You can send one at a time. You must install a PDF "Printer" first. Click here.

Log into SAM, select "Tools", then "Quiz Manager". Select the quizzes to share, choose number of questions (all the questions!) and then "Print". Instead of your usual printer, select the PDF "Printer" and save the file on to your desktop.

Also send:
1. Answer key as second page (or separate page if necessary).
2. Authors (which are not included in the quiz print-outs.) 

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