What is QuizWik?

QuizWik is designed to be the "go to" place for sharing teacher-made (TM) quizzes. Our goal is to gather every shared TM quiz ever written, standardize them, and make them available for easy access to school faculty. QuizWik is a community of like-minded teachers who see value in creating and sharing quizzes.

QuizWik is well-suited to adding new book quizzes to your legacy computer-based quizzing program, now that new quizzes are not being sold. Since that computer program is paid-for, this method will keep it vital indefinitely.

If you are looking for a replacement for your legacy computer system, consider ReadnQuiz. It's web-based, simple to use, and very affordable. ReadnQuiz is also considering a classroom version for individual teachers to use.  

What QuizWik Can Do

Easy Access
Once you have been verified, you have quick, easy access to thousands of TM quizzes. Search by reading level range or interest and put all the quizzes you want into your portfolio for downloading.

Since these are quizzes, we have made QuizWik a safe place to store them. We restrict access to school faculty and verify each new account before allowing download privileges.

Most of the quizzes were in various formats, written by hand. We have converted each quiz to a standard format. We've pulled out the book information, like title, author, level, interest, etc., to make it easy for you to search.

Combined Quizzes
If there are more than one quiz for a book, we are combining them into one quiz. The more questions, the better!

Proper Credit
We are paying extra special attention to keeping track of who has written each quiz. If you've written one or several hundred, you deserve the appreciation you'll get from the community for your efforts.

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