Install a PDF Writer




You need to first install a PDF creator as your printer. Then you can "print" your quizzes and instead of going to your printer, they'll be inserted into a PDF file on your computer that you can send to us.

Here is what we recommend if you are using Windows:

Click here and then follow these instructions.

Click "Free Download" to install CutePDFWriter. Click "Run" when the dialog box comes up. You will probably want to uncheck the "I accept..." to install the Ask toolbar.

Click "Free Converter". Click "Run" when the dialog box comes up.


You know have a new printer in your computer's printer list. To save your quizzes to a file, you can "print" them. Just select your Print command, then choose the CutePDF printer instead of your usual printer. You will be asked to name the file and decide where to save it. We recommend saving to the desktop so you can easily find it and email it.

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